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PostSubject: Lunar Glade   Lunar Glade Icon_minitimeSat Dec 25, 2010 9:35 pm

1 valley.
Monsters not difficult though hang up debuff on protection against water on everything, but it not so is terrible.
The boss - 1 priest puts the sphere, the second - regen and removes debuffs from the WB. Approximately when the boss will have 15 % HP, the boss will start to attack strong AoE. If will bring down sphere of a priest priests should change over immediately. That which treated, puts sphere, and the second - реген and removes debuff. To other members party i reccomend to beat the boss from the maximum distance.

2 valley.
Here it is possible to face that problem, from for which many simply cease to try to pass the Moon. Quest mobs right at the beginning and on all valley - Insularum: Shoveal (http://www.pwdatabase.com/pwi/mob/15833). If not to know, how him correctly to kill, very few people will pass.
1) It is desirable that at all members of group was at least 2 Chi.
2) On the readiness, all group quickly runs up closely to "Insularum: Shoveal", a priest puts sphere.
3) all beat the strongest attacks, it is obligatory to use all stun abilities, to use them constantly. So - you will force down castes of mob, and lower its chance аое to 0. Its AoE is so strong because one second prior to it, "Insularum: Shoveal" does weights debuff on pdef, reducing its all to 0. Remains only a little pdef at the tank, at the expense of passive skill. Therefore lives hardly longer - AoE - physical attack. The others mobs there are not so strong. However, in this valley it is possible to make a choice - to what party to go, right or on the left. If will go to the right - that the boss of 2 valleys will be - Wang Tali, if on the left that - Wang Erhli. Also, if will go to the right - that at transition to the following valley, jump through one, having got at once to 4 valley. Also, in this valley it is possible to call the special boss. More close by the valley end is NPC with a quest. For this purpose it is necessary to collect various stones which very well fall in solo mode. The similar boss is and in 3 valley.
The boss:
Herzen Sori Demos the Extremely difficult boss. I and could not kill him while, but have collected enough information on it. It is A lot of HP, the average loss, beats both close and from apart. But... At the boss the highest speed of attack. Therefore it is better not to run from it. The boss constantly cast the disagreement blocking treatment regen. Other kinds of treatment operate only sphere a priestess, and. Also happens often cast a camp. Close - AoE debuffs, also exhausts MT. Presumably, it is necessary to kill its party: 2 WB, 2 priests, 1 archer, 1 warrior. I hope further will guess why...
Bosses of 2 valleys: are not so difficult as seem. The boss constantly cast strong weights a poisoning. To get rid of it it is possible in 2 ways - 1) On Territorial Wars to buy Antidote Potion. 2) the Boss constantly gives to all Chi, and also strengthens a loss, as the boss in a TT 3-1. As soon as save up 3 Chi, at once use 3 Chi flash. It can remove poison, and restore to you HP. In the rest operate as usually - 1 priest puts sphere, another treats. It is desirable for tank to try to force down castes to the boss. The boss imposes on itself buffs, simultaneously cast a dream on the WB. It is desirable for druid to remove buffs of the boss.

3 valley easy. Only pair of councils - some monsters blow up at deaths door. Towers (big mobs) you must beat only from apart. Then they will not answer your attacks.
The boss: to kill the boss, before the beginning rise on a stone above. To beat only from apart, the boss does not attack. But near it there are bombs.

4 valley:this valley easy too. Some mobs can poison you. The boss does not represent in the end danger. Can conjure a dream on all. АоЕ is not present.

5 valley: monsters can paralyse you, also - debuff on protection against the earth. In the end of a valley a fork. After will kill the stone tablet on the right, there will be a boss. The boss: At all do not try to approach to it. There will be 3 monsters who will run round the boss, and to conjure debuff on everything, such that the boss can kill from one blow even the tank. The boss does not move. To kill him rise all about a wall behind stones. Priests put different spheres. Beat only archers and druids. In this case, monsters will not be attack you, and the boss will beat only one time 5 minutes. But beats strongly. If the one who the first attacked the boss dies - the boss completely will restore that HP.

6 valley: Here I will tell only that at an input there are 3 monsters who will instantly kill all who there will come. While one way to survive is found only. Special potions for 6 seconds immunity from all which prepare at the governor of a city of thousand streams...

At last - as you have noticed, after murder of bosses since the second valley, appear NPC for an appeal. To call bosses - it is necessary to become a summoner. For this purpose it is necessary to pass at first a quest for opening solo a mode. Then to take a quest for solo mode and to pass it. Then in a group mode in the second valley to take a quest, having passed which you become призывателем. If wish to collect seriously things from the Lunar Valley - insistently reccomend to pass this quest.

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